Monday, 9 September 2013

Why Not Boost Your Business with Blogging?

If you have been following our write ups for a while, it seems to be focusing more only on blogs, but that is not what's happening. I am simply talking more about it now because I see the potentials and I know what a simple blog can do for a person like you. One of the things that keep many people from starting is not knowing where or how to start. The major question asked by many people is ’’ What to blog about’’ or the question is sometimes “what kind of blogs makes money the most?”
If you are in this category then listen up and read patiently because you will have all the answers here and now. Truth is that any blog you start that solves a particular problem for a particular group of people is bound to make you money. The keyword there is “helping people”. Your blog must be able to add value to anyone who comes to read it. In this way you will have loyal readers who will turn to friends and friends who will eventually become loyal buyers of whatever you recommend.

So what you can blog about is as vast as what you know.I will try and be as concise and straight forward as possible. Let’s look at it this way: Think for a moment about why people use the Internet. Why do you go online?

You probably have a number of reasons. You stay in touch with family and friends through email. You check the news sites for breaking headlines, weather, and traffic and stock-market reports. You might even order Christmas gifts online so you can cut down on the hassle of shopping at the mall, and get better prices. However, underlying all of that, the truth is that…You use the Internet to gather information.

This is because the Internet has a wealth of information on virtually every topic imaginable. In some cases, it is not even necessary to go to the library anymore. You can find articles and even entire books online that contain the information you're looking for. People look for all sorts of information online. They look for information on their hobbies and special interests, their health concerns, advice, recipes…the list is really endless. Also, and this is very important… People use the Internet as a research tool prior to making a purchase.

You've probably done this before. Maybe you're looking for the best price on a new mobile phone (Blackberry, Iphones, laptops, shoes or shirts, and even your new car). Maybe you want to look at the pros and cons of a particular model of product you plan to later purchase offline. Either way, it’s easy to use the Internet for your research before you resort to leave your house or picking up the phone.

Remember now though that…This hunger for information is going to be your key to making real money online. So from the above you can start a blog on:

1. Electronic gadgets
2. Men’s or ladies’ apparels
3. Health issues
4.Computer softwares
5. Pets
6. Gardening
7. Internet marketing
8. Adolescent problems
9. Parenting
10. Food recipes
11. Time management
12. Passing examinations
13. Conflict management
14. Personal growth
15. Spiritual growth
16. Sport

These are just a few of the diverse topics your blog can be centered on or built about. The rule is just to pick a topic you are very much interested in and in which you have enough knowledge and start writing and telling people what you know. A very wonderful and, novel opportunity now the electronics gadgets. Nigerians are crazy for gadgets that some people even buy the ones they don’t need just to be seen as “big”. It is now a status symbol. You can be sure that if you start a blog around this where you talk about new innovations in the IT industry and how to use so many apps which most users of these gadgets don’t know, you will have many readers.

One young Nigerian that does that is Jide, who owns .What he does here is simply to teach “how to do” a lot of things pertaining to gadgets and IT generally and he makes good money. You can see that it’s a big market and you can also do it.

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