Sunday, 8 September 2013

Why Must You Start A Blog Today?

Perhaps you have been looking for a comfortable opportunity to start a business of your own; maybe you have been simply looking for a home-based business you can do even while you are still on your present job, or maybe your present job is not giving you the time and money you wished.Perhaps you simply want to impress yourself on the world and let everyone know what you are thinking about or what wonderful ideas you’ve got to share.

Having a blog will not only help you achieve this but much more than all these. Having an online blog is one of the easiest means of placing yourself (including your business) in front of millions of people from the comfort of your home.And if you are setting it up for money, you will soon see the way it attracts real cash into your account.

Reasons you should own a blog today:

1. Become an Expert

Having a Blog makes you an expert in whatever field you are handling or writing about. Because of the high quality information you will be providing, and the way it will be helping your readers, they will see you as an expert. When we talk about ‘’writing’’ some readers get scared because not everyone can write, but as I said earlier there are ways of getting over this writing issue: you must not be the one to write. We shall talk about that still, later.Just get down, read through the old posts on how to start a blog, and get to work.

2. To Connect With People 

Blogs help you connect with friends of like mind. If you wish to stay in touch with people of like minds across the globe and even attract new and interesting folks from distant lands, just start a relevant blog.Soon you will be surprised at the number of raving and interesting fans you will have with the attendant benefits. Your job is to give them real information that will improve their lives.

3. To Make a Difference

Many blogs are issue-based meaning the blogger is trying to provide information to sway people's thinking in a certain direction. Many political blogs and social issues blogs are written by bloggers who are trying to make a difference in their own ways. Your blog can be on health or  politics as the political terrain is getting charged now for the forthcoming elections.

4.To promote a cause

 Blogging is a great way to promote whatever you want to get out there to millions of people. It is a wonderful platform to promote just anything you can think of without incurring any cost. You can use your blog to market and advertise anything at no cost.

5. Make money.
Blogs make money and good money too. There are millions of people around the world even in your own neighborhood who have been able to quit their day jobs and live a financially free life just by blogging. Many authority blogs make serious money daily and gross in much profit from their blogs annually. Blogs like  Engadget, Gizmodo,TMZ,and some regular information sites like Daily mail or Huffington post all make much profit annually from their blogs daily. If they can do it you too can.

6. Sell Your Services

One of the new and interesting aspects of blogs is its use by sharp business minds to promote and sell their services. They tell the readers about what they do and teach them how those things are done. The interested reader will surely like to contact the blogger and get the services if he needed it. Your readers will like to patronize you because your blog has helped you to build trust and friendship with them over time and they know you will deliver. Why can’t you do it? Do you have a service or goods you deliver to people or something that people need?
Start a blog today.

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