Wednesday, 5 September 2012


It is important to remember that all the fields such as blog name, post titles, blog descriptions etc. should be filled with the keywords for your industry or niche that you promote products for. This way, you make your blog search engine friendly so readers can easily find your blog site. Since you promote your products and website/s in your blog site, indirectly keywords help you to increase the number of successful customers.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Creating Your First Blog

 Hi friends,i welcome you all to this week and to our discussion.If you are new to this group,you are welcome too and do not hesitate to ask questions and make your comments.You are free to visit our blog by clicking here: .

Today we continue by talking about how to create your first blog.So without further talk lets roll...HINT-You must have a GMAIL account to enable you create your blog-so easy....

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


At this point people I will like to entertain questions and comments from you all,let me know if what we are doing here is meaningful or not and see if we can change the approach.

1.What are your misunderstanding so far?
2.what do you think we should be doing or should do for you?
3.What are your most pressing needs about all these or anything you'll like to have clarified whether it is about what we have said or not.?

I wish to continue when I have the assurance that the efforts isn't in the wrong direction.

So...part 4 continues shortly....throw in your questions and suggestions.

I want you all to succeed.CHEERS

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Starting Your Blog--The Steps


Hello friends.....thanks much for all your prayers(for those who prayed o).My hospital final exams are over now.We are waiting for the results and going ahead with the projects and other postings until the final qualifying exams...NOW TO THE BUSINESS OF THE DAY---We shall continue our discussion on ''BLOGGING''

As i said earlier before you start a blog you must know what you want to blog about.Let it be a topic you are passionate about and also know much about so that you