Wednesday, 5 September 2012


It is important to remember that all the fields such as blog name, post titles, blog descriptions etc. should be filled with the keywords for your industry or niche that you promote products for. This way, you make your blog search engine friendly so readers can easily find your blog site. Since you promote your products and website/s in your blog site, indirectly keywords help you to increase the number of successful customers.

For you to find a set of good keywords for your industry or niche, you can visit Google keywords tool. Just type google keyword tool and perform your search. This should not be difficult, or is it? If you are starting a brand new business then think of all the relevant words that can be used to generate higher traffic to your website. Note them down as soon as you think of them.

Now this is how to do it…

If your business is about event management, maybe you design event venues,hire chairs and accessories for celebrations etc, then hit the search button on this. You will be presented with a host of keywords that have direct relevance to your business. Along with this list you will be presented with the monthly search hits on these words so that you can compare which one is more popular than the other.

You can also put in additional words that you have come up with and see the relevance quotient of it to your business. Now in order to estimate the level of competition of your keywords you need to type them in and search them out.

If the main term, like “event management” has a competition higher than 6, 00,000 then try something like “total event management” or “best event management”. This might generate a competition as low as 2,500.

If this bears direct relevance to your business and the article that you are writing then use it as the keyword. This will cut down on your competition and come up as one of the top search hits on a search engine. Repeat the same process for every keyword you think is worth using.

I’ll see you soon.

Get to work,lets meet at the top.

To your success.

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