Monday, 9 September 2013

What You Need To Know About Building A Blog Online

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With a blog, you can build up your credibility and earn money at the same right time - all while creating a brand in your niche and becoming recognizable. There are many people who have successful blogs and are living the life of their dreams - all while just making 1 simple blog post per day.

It's something that you should consider doing if you want to live your dream lifestyle, and have a lot of time to spend with your family and friends. And the beautiful thing about it is that, you don't have to learn how to create a website! Most blogging services like Blogger and WordPress have beautiful templates that you can use to customize and turn into a professional website within 10 minutes of signing up.

Perhaps the most important thing that you will have to consider is getting traffic to your blog. This is a tricky subject, because a lot of people do a TON of things to get traffic to their blog, and they fail miserably. Why is that? Well simply because most people have the mindset that "if you build it, they will come".

Why Not Boost Your Business with Blogging?

If you have been following our write ups for a while, it seems to be focusing more only on blogs, but that is not what's happening. I am simply talking more about it now because I see the potentials and I know what a simple blog can do for a person like you. One of the things that keep many people from starting is not knowing where or how to start. The major question asked by many people is ’’ What to blog about’’ or the question is sometimes “what kind of blogs makes money the most?”
If you are in this category then listen up and read patiently because you will have all the answers here and now. Truth is that any blog you start that solves a particular problem for a particular group of people is bound to make you money. The keyword there is “helping people”. Your blog must be able to add value to anyone who comes to read it. In this way you will have loyal readers who will turn to friends and friends who will eventually become loyal buyers of whatever you recommend.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Secrets of turning Your ability Into Cash (1)

The same applies to you. You are a conductor for your thoughts. Ability is the power house. Positive thoughts are the current. Negative thoughts are the resistance. Get rid of all negative thoughts. Get rid of resistance. Get rid of all inhibitions, all grudges and all dreads. The ability demonstrates its full power and strength when unhampered, and unencumbered by resistance. Your income, your health, your well-being, your happiness, and your peace of mind are only retarded by permitting the phantoms of negative thinking to set up a resistance to your ability.

A physician in Boston examined twenty--five people suffering from inflammatory disorders. A close check-up revealed that every one of them was holding a grudge. Negative thinking impairs the body, and also disrupts the ability.

Why Must You Start A Blog Today?

Perhaps you have been looking for a comfortable opportunity to start a business of your own; maybe you have been simply looking for a home-based business you can do even while you are still on your present job, or maybe your present job is not giving you the time and money you wished.Perhaps you simply want to impress yourself on the world and let everyone know what you are thinking about or what wonderful ideas you’ve got to share.

Having a blog will not only help you achieve this but much more than all these. Having an online blog is one of the easiest means of placing yourself (including your business) in front of millions of people from the comfort of your home.And if you are setting it up for money, you will soon see the way it attracts real cash into your account.

Monday, 2 September 2013

What Can You Sell On The Internet? How Can You Start a Business On The Internet?

Do you want to launch an Internet business but have no idea where to begin? It’s easier than you might think! Just start reading to learn:

• How you can take your own interests and passions and use them
 to create a money-spinning Internet business from scratch!
• The secret to finding out what people are really searching for
   on the Web
• Where to find a niche market that is hungry to spend money
• How you can uncover profitable products that people are
  willing to spend their cash on.


Let’s start at the very beginning.
You have two things... a computer and a strong desire to make money.

Turning Your Ability Into Cash

By Earl Prevette


We shall be running a series of teachings and giving out tips on how to turn your ability into cash.The module will be based on the ideas in the great book of a powerful and successful author,Earl Prevette.If you missed any part,you can always go to our archives and read them up again to follow for your business success. I will take it gradually,and in small chips so that you can have the time to understand well and implement what you have learned. Welcome on board.

One day not long ago, while standing on the corner of a busy street in Philadelphia, talking to a friend, along came an old man. He was a decrepit old man with swollen,